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So I'm starting to understand a bit about "blog rolling". I first saw the term in the sidebar of Dan Gillmor's blog. It's the list of blogs that you read often and link to from your page. I found a cool tool called Blogrolling. It does various things all at once. You can create a sidebar in IE (Mac and PC) that lists the blogs in your blog roll. You can create php, javascript or rss code in your web page so that your blog roll shows up on your web page. Because it uses style sheets, it integrates seamlessly into the page. (See the blog roll on this page. It is created dynamically from Links that say "fresh" before them have been update in the last 24hrs.) Pretty cool idea. I've also been experimenting with several RSS readers, but haven't found one that I like. I think this idea of having a list of news feeds/blogs that you can read seamlessly and then being able to share these links is obviously the right idea. I guess the question is, is it easier to do it in the browser, in an opencola sort of p2p environment or in some dedicated RSS reader... I like this blog rolling idea because it shares your blog roll to people outside of your "network", people who don't have special software (like opencola) and to people who haven't been "turned on" to RSS and blogging yet...


Other blogging tools i like are blogskins (skins for blogs), blogtree (create weblog genealogy) , blogtrack (track your favorite weblog), and bloglet (place subscription feature on your blog). pretty neat i think.

Tony Bowden's blogroll is very cool. It includes the date that blogs were last updated.

Hi Stuart. That IS cool. I wonder how he does that.

This is very cool Tony. I wonder if Blogrolling will put it in as a feature. Mind if I point them at your code?

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