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I first saw this on Marc Canter's page, but he got it from Doc Searls Weblog who got it from Wesley Felter on Hack the Planet 2.0 who saw it on cnet.

Doc Searls

Jabber hits critical PR mass, interop finally hits IM Out with AOL, in with Jabber. It had to happen eventually. Now it has. The non-interoperative closed doors on IM systems from AOL, MSN and Yahoo are now fated to open. The sooner those companies realize this is a Good Thing that their customers have always wanted, they better off they'll be. Apple shoud take the lead in opening up IM, as it has with so many other standards (USB, SCSI, FireWire, wi-fi and now Rendezvous).
The company's new iChat already makes some use of the Jabber IM protocol. I suspect the only reason iChat is closed (except to AIM) is due to some contractual agreement with AOL. But that also puts Apple in a unique position to tell AOL the gig is up.

Marc Canter
DUUUUUUUUDE! Apple's new iChat IS AIM. It's licensed technology. That's the only way Apple can link into the AIM universe. That's what AOL announced is their inter-op strategy -let others license THEIR engine. So - no - I don't think you'll see little Stevie taking any leadership steps here.........

And BTW - it should be noted that the ONLY way to get Renezvous to work is to open it up. It wouldn't do much - if all it did was configure Apple products - right? Apple is using Open Source as a puppet to achieve their own ends. Whenever Apple does something good is more by strategical manipulation that anything else.

So I heard from a VERY reliable source that ICQ does not really mind people plugging into their network. For instance there is a client called trilian that lets you: "Communicate with Flexibility and Style. Trillian is everything you need for instant messaging. Connect to ICQ®, AOL Instant Messenger(SM), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC in a single, sleek and slim interface."

So I agree that Jabber seems cool and maybe the next big thing, but what do I do with all of my old buddy lists? Also, if you're going to make me switch again, I'd like IP telephony seamlessly built into IM so that I don't have to have a phone number any more. It's stupid that the government in Japan allocates phone number when all you really need is a buddy list and an IM account.

I have to figure out a cooler way of formating quotes from various people... How's this?


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Doc Searls
Marc Canter

I tried Trillian. I worked well, except that at the time that we tried it in our office, Japanese didn't work correctly. Maybe it works now. I should give it another try...

PS You guys should figure out how to set up trackbacking.

I feel I am becoming ONE with the network... Blogging my way into Doc and Marc's minds... What a weird and exciting feeling. Now if we only had IM buddy list status functionality integrated so I knew where they were and if they were going to respond quickly, were available for a voice call or chat, or if they were away...

Trillian works (most of the time) for a bunch of us here, connecting to both AOL and MS networks (I don't know anyone on ICQ or Yahoo!, though it's supposed to connect to them as well). It's even happy through our firewall.

I hear that there's also a multi-IM client for Macintosh (Fire?) though I've not had a chance (or a Mac, yet) to try it.

There's obviously no technical reason for iChat not to support more than one IM protocol.