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This is the first meeting of the overview committee of the National ID system. The press were ALL here and I got a lot of TV cameras in my face. I guess I'm going to end up on the evening news. I wonder what the comments will be.

Ishii Takemocho-sensei, a good friend and an very honest person was chosen as the chair. I'm going to go and see him soon. Kazuhisa Ogawa, the military analyst who I also respect highly for his outspoken and thoughtful style is also on the committee.

I pushed very hard to have this committee as open as possible and they agreed and announced that all of the minutes and the agendas will be posted on the web page and that they will have a press briefing after every meeting. I guess this is OK. Having the press actually in the meetings would be difficult to manage. Also, I got approval to blog freely. ;-) So here I am...


at 6:30pm, I don't see any newspapers' website had this in the news. well, next meeting will be in Nov...? what was Soumusho thinking? I smell that they thought this yet another committee for excuse.

I think it will be partly a committee to say they are doing something, but I think that most of the committee members are responsible. (Although some of the government side of the table were asleep during the meeting.) Anyway, the trick will be to make sure we keep the media attention I think.

Hmmm. I'm glad they've seen fit to allow such a committee, and it's sweet that you're in a position to be involved in this. :)

I must say, I'm anxious to see how this plays out, because I'm usually extremely skeptical of moves like this by the Japanese government. I would usually dismiss such a committee as simply a tool of the government to make it look like they're adressing people's grievances, while sleeping through all the meetings and preventing the group from ever discussing anything...

But, based on what you've posted here, it seems like there is some hope for meaningful discussion. Do you actually think that anything could change though, even with good media exposure? Or is it inevitable that the system will just be implemented the way they want, regardless...?

congratulations! i look forward to reading your meeting notes.

i understand why you were nervous to take on this position inside the organization that you were criticizing, but the fact that they will let you broadcast what happens is maybe a good sign. let's hope people keep paying attention.

my mom was saying last night she happens to live one of the few districts in Tokyo that refused to implement the National ID system, so she doesn't have a number... i asked her if she was happy about that, and she said yes, because no one wants a number. she also thinks the Japanese governement timed the passing of the National ID to coincide with the World Cup, so that press coverage would focus on the sports event and not on the controversy of the National ID.