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The Japan Times Online
Japanese workers least loyal to firms, survey discovers

LONDON (Kyodo) Japanese corporate workers harbor the lowest level of loyalty toward their employers among the world's 10 major economies, according to a British survey released Tuesday.

Only 50 percent of Japanese respondents to the survey, which features the views of 362,950 employees, said they would wish to stay with their current firm or would recommend it as a good place to work.

Researchers attributed the findings to a "Westernization" of Japanese attitudes toward the workplace and the nation's stagnant economy.

Japan's figures rated poorly when compared with the results from Brazil (79 percent), Spain (76 percent), Germany (74 percent), Canada (73 percent), Italy (70 percent), the United States (67 percent), France (67 percent), Britain (59 percent) and China (57 percent).

I heard this sort of thing from Hirata who read it in a report from Mexico. I think it is true. It is counter-intuitive, but I think it really shows that the social fabric of Japan has broken down and that much of what we believe about Japan is wrong.

I think that if we can take this shift and convert it to the "wind of change" that Jane referred to, we might be able to change Japan more easily that most people think...


To make it even more counter-intuitive, according to a similar article in Asahi the -- sometimes negative -- Dutch are most faithful: Japanese workers among the least loyal

That's interesting. Michiel, you're the only neative Dutch guy I know so it makes perfect sense to me. ;-) The people who work for one of my best Dutch friends, Eckart Wintzen are probably the most loyal people I know.

Wow. I must say, this is really a surprise to me. Things have changed a lot if this is really true...

From Hirata's page

Manpower IR

Manpower Inc. International Survey Confirms Employee Loyalty is Alive and Growing, but Reveals Surprising Differences Across Demographic Groups

The demographic differences revealed by the survey include:
-- The highest loyalty levels were reported in Mexico, the
Netherlands and the United States, while the lowest levels
came from Japan and Italy.

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世界のサラリーマンの忠誠心について調査したところがあるそうで、日本は50%で米国、中国などにも劣るそうです。なんと、というべきかやっぱりというべきか。 みんな個人事業主になればいい、というのは極端ですかね。 Japan Timesより Japanese workers least loyal to f... Read More