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Mizuka was eating dinner at Yanai-san's house after her MagLev ride so I went there and borrowed their shower to wash away the Kasumigaseki sweat. Then Mizuka and Makiko-san told me about their ride. They got to go 451 km/hr. Aparently the German MagLev only goes 400km/hr. The Japanese MagLev has gone a max 554 km/hr with someone in it. Anyway, it sounds pretty cool to me. They said that there was a boarding plank like boarding an airplane and the door slid open up. They also said it rattled more than they though it would. On the other hand, it was FAST and FUN. I wish I were there...

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When we visited that center in August there were no trains running, we turned up on the wrong weekend. The best part for me was seeing how the trip from Osaka went from days to hours over the course of almost 200 years.

Got to get back to that maglev and take a ride.

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