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Mizuka, Kara, Megan, Louie and I went to the Tokyo Lesbian and Gay Parade today. It was quite a turnout with probably over a thousand people or so. There were drag queens, gay rugby guys and a pretty wide variety of others. It was a well organized march through Shibuya and around Yoyogi Park. It was a bit strange because they didn't stop the traffic and split the parade up into 13 paradelets each led by a car/float of some sort. Not as much punch as a full on marching parade, but pretty interesting and fun none the less. It was the first Gay and Lesbian Parade I had ever been to.

Megan and Kara said that it didn't compare to the parades in San Francisco, but it was better than they expected. Gay pride and gay rights are apparently at very different levels in different countries. In some countries, being gay is a capital crime and in other countries gay couples can get married. Japan is fairly open to gays I think, but there are no provisions that I know of support gay rights specifically. It is probably a lot like feminism in Japan. Mimi's theory is that since there is less violence against women, the feminist movement in Japan doesn't get as much backing as the movement in the US. Similarly, there are probably much fewer hate crimes against gay people and they are accepted as part of the culture.

But what do I know. I'm not an expert. It is interesting though. Megan says that probably 5%-10% of the world is gay.

We also saw DJ Patrick and I got to introduce him to Megan, which I had been hoping to do for a long time...

We walked around Harajuku afterwards and had Chinese tea at the new place at Ometesando crossing. It is affiliated with Yu-Cha up the hill. Yu-Cha is really nice generally, but they add that stuck up Japanese attitude into the tea ceremony and make what should be a more casual experience a very stuffy one. When Megan was trying to take a picture of Mizuka playing with Louie, they made a big stink that they didn't let people take pictures in the store...

Chinese tea should be more fun...


GayDay in Disneyland.

GayDay Page

DJ Chris Cox of THUNDERPUSS (the chart-topping remixers for Cher, Madonna, Britney, J. Lo and more!) headlines the first-ever, private, gay dance party inside Disneyland! From 9pm­2am inside Frontierland's Festival Arena, get ready to dance 'til ya can't dance no more as you mingle with some Disney royalty.

Did you see the Okinawan Eisa dancers there?

They would have been the group with drums and sanshins (Okinawan shamisens). My friend is a member and had I known earlier that they were playing I would have gone along.

Through following them I have been to a lot of "minority" events in Tokyo & Yokohama such the Ainu matsuri and Kotobukicho.