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Hirata turned me on to the EnvironMission site.


EnviroMission owns the exclusive licence to German designed Solar Tower technology in Australia. Our first project will focus on developing this revolutionary technology into the world’s first large-scale solar thermal power station capable of generating enough electricity to supply 200,000 typical Australian homes.

The technology involves a huge solar heater with a tower that takes the hot air and pulls it up through the tower and spins turbines. This SO sci-fi sexy and SO Australia... The tower will be the, "largest engineered structure ever proposed for construction."

There is a flash animation of how the technology works. The company is already trading on the Australian stock exchange. They have built a prototype.


Yeah -- this is awesome technology. I read about it recently as well...

I wonder though whether people might think it's an eyesore... Maybe they'll have to work on making it blend into the landscape a little more in the future.

Every time I see something like this though, I regain hope that someday before I die, we'll all be living in harmony with the Earth again. :) Keep your fingers crossed... :)

So, if they build this thing. . .

An alien flying by might look at earth and say "oh cool, this planet has a toggle-switch!". Of course, if they troed to flip it, it would knock the planet off its' course.

Well it's either this or the Poop Generator.

I am a freelance author. At the request of my publisher Marshall Cavendish in Singapore (who have publishing arrangements with publishers in N.America and Europe and a distributor in Aust) I am currently preparing a submission for a book on renewable energy. I have read about the solar chimney project and would like to get in touch with someone in your compay about some of its technical aspects. I think I could probably get the info I am after either by e-mail or phone. I wonder if you would be good enough to provide me contact with one of your engineers on the project. If so, could you advice on the e-mail address give. Many thanks
Peter North

I am student in mechanical engg. I fond technology very simple and advantageous. I am going to deliver seminar on technology and its feasibility.I will be glad if u inform me about progress.