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Mizuka and I will be leaving in 8 hours for the airport to go to Europe. We'll be going first to Linz, Austria where I will be giving a talk at the Prix Ars Electronica on Identity and Privacy in a Globalized Community. We'll be staying at the Wolfinger on the main square and I know already they don't have modular phone jacks in the room. So unless I wake up early tomorrow morning, my next blog will probably be from the Ars Electronica Center in Linz.

After Linz, we'll be going to one of Martin's houses on his farm on the Island of Menorca. Here I will challenge a GPRS connection. I'll be on Menorca for a week.

After that, we'll go to Geneva where I will be attending the World Economic Forum Global Leaders for Tomorrow Summit. This year I am co-hosting the Blueprint for Japan 2020 booth with Oki and will be a rapporteur for the "Rebuilding Modern Politics: Can the System Fix Itself?" topic during the brainstorming session.

I won't be back in Tokyo until the 24th. So, if I'm lucky with my connectivity, I'll be blogging some European action... See you in Linz.

morning 9/11/2002

I'm leaving in 10 minutes...

Oh, that's right. It's September 11 and I'm flying... I forgot. I wonder if security will be tight? I wonder if I should pack my Cipro that I bought online at I remember it was interesting watching the prices go up-up-up day by day after the Antrax incident.

If I die, this will be the last thing I ever write/wrote... That's depressing.


I made it... (to Linz)

And now I'm off to spend a week in Menorca! Horrible flight path though. Linz->Frankfurt->Barcelona->Menorca...
Then Menorca->Barcelona->Frankfurt->Geneva (3 days) ->Frankfurt->Tokyo

Frankfurt 4 times in one trip. Ugh. "go straight to Frankfurt. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200."

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