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So I'm in my hotel room using an analog dialup connection to an Austrian Earthlink POP that is flakey. I've got a Sony-Ericsson phone that isn't doing gprs properly and I've got a Siemens phone that whose gprs is working, but I don't have the right cable. My VPN client isn't working so I can't read my email... I have connectivity blues... I've taken a lot of pictures and have a lot of blog material, but with the tiny screen on my Sony C1MRX and this tiny pipe... blogging is a totally different experience. Anyway, these are all excuses for why I haven't written much the last few days. Anyway, it's been hectic. So IF I can get gprs working in Menorca, I should have a whole week of relaxing island peace where I can blog to my heart's content and catch up a bit. If I don't, I'll be on the beach trying to forget about my blog... Eve is supposed to be arranging a gprs phone that works in Menorca, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Sorry for this boring blog entry. It is my obligatory, "I'm still alive" entry.


Finally! I am connected. Trying to get gprs working when no one really know that much about gprs in a Spain on the weekend when I don't speak Spanish was VERY difficult. Finally, a combination of the Spanish Vodaphone sim chip that Eva got me, the Nokia D211 I bought at the Barcelona airport and an id/password from John at Jazztel got me hooked up. What a hassle! Thanks to Zai, Thomas, Martin, Stefanie and everyone else bothered about this.

Now I am sitting in the back on Martin's house here on the North side so I can get the best reception of the GSM signal. Anyway, I'll compose an entry and upload some pictures soon.

Maybe I'm spoiled by gprs is really slow...

So here is a picture of the view from where I am sitting. It took almost 30 minutes to upload so I hope you enjoy it!

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