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I've uploaded some photos of Menorca. I put them on because their multi-photo upload feature is GREAT when you have a flakey, slow line.

So I'm standing in on the bed sticking my head out of the North facing window with my Vaio sitting on the window. This sort of works. I wonder what I am doing though. I feel like an alchoholic trying desperately to get drunk off of a wimpy drink through a straw or something. This narrowband experience must be some kind of punishment for having such a heavy index page on my blog. Or maybe it is to prove to me how addicted I am to connectivity... Anyway...

Menorca is beautiful and amazing. It is a little island in the Mediterranean and is part of Spain. Martin has a huge farm with several houses on it. He is letting us stay in one of the houses that was recently restored. The room I am in was originally built in 1770. It is all stone with whitewashed walls. The house is amazingly cool while it is sunny and warm outside. On the farm are sheep, cats, mules and horses. Manolo, who doesn't speak English is showing us everything. It is quite an experience getting the history of Menorca by scribbling stuff in the dirt with a stick and waving our arms. He is working on the restoration. He knows everything about the land and brings us everything from cactus fruit to fresh shrimp. I cooked spaghetti and sautéed the shrimp last night. Mmmm... The restaurants on in the harbors have great seafood as well.

Everything is slow and I'm getting a chance to sleep 10 hours a day. I just discovered that with everything moving so slowly and with a good night's sleep, the book on the history of Japanese politics that I can never concentrate on is suddenly easy to read and exciting. I've also found myself reading faster than I usually do. Or maybe it just feels faster.

Anyway, this is the first long vacation away from civilization... since... ever.

Actually, this is pretty civilized. I guess it just feels pretty "natural" since I've never stayed on a farm before.


Congrats on doing nothing. Just don't start lining up rocks - or staring at white walls :-)

I'd trackback you - but I don't use Moveable Type. I DO love the "last comment by...." display. That's COOL!

I know your line is too slow, but I'd SURE like a shot of that SHRIMP!

Happy New Year. Good Yuntuf.

Hi Joi!
Thankyou for sharing these interesting pics. Glad you are getting some time to decompress. We all need that. I leave for the Jersey shore at the end of the week. I like the beach, this time of year.


I now have an acronym for it. Very Narrow Band (VNB). When you are on a VNB line and it takes you 30 minutes to go into movable type and fix one typo, one find one just doesn't care about typos...

Sorry Marc, I ate the shrimp before I could take a picture.

Liz, sounds nice. Maybe I can decompress enough to squeeze through this VNB connection...

I just uploaded some more photos to Yahoo Photos. I stopped trying to get imagestation to work since I couldn't get any of the upload features to work right. I'll wait until I have a better connection.