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I'm sure most of you have seen this, but here is an easy way to sign a petition or take more action to help save Anima Lawal.

Amnesty International [UK] Merton Group

Amina Lawal - Another woman facing death by stoning

Back in October 2001, 35-year old Safiya Hussaini was condemned to death, by stoning, for allegedly committing adultery. International outcry led by Amnesty International ( the Merton Amnesty Group campaigned for Safiya - see campaign archive) helped save her life; she was acquitted on technical grounds by an appeal court.

Now 30-year old Amina Lawal (right)faces the same death sentence. Amina Lawal was sentenced to death by stoning by a Regional Court in Katsina State, Nigeria for having a child outside marriage. Her sentence was announced on 23 March 2002, three days before the day of Safiya's acquittal.


I pray for this women and others like her. There only crime is being a women. I can't imagine this will be allowed to happen, but alas, it most likely will. This is unspeakable.

My God! What is this world coming to. I'm praying for this women and her child. God Bless her poor innocent little child. Please have mercy on their souls. Please save her. This story literally sickens me. I would like to do all I can to save her from this unspeakable, inhuman and unjust punishment.

This is the most barbric and horrific way to die. Is it justice to pass this sentence to a poor terrified woman that has brought a life to the world? married or not married mothers are mothers, weren't those Nigerian judges brought to this world and raised by a woman? SHAME ON THEM!!!

Amina and all human biengs have the right to decide their private life and acts and it is not the concern of governments to take these issues to a court much less to sentence people for this. Amina hasn't done any harm. She must be released IMMEDIATELY!

The death penalty is already monstrous. No crime merits it and certainly not a sexual transgression. To execute Amina or any person by stoning is barbaric, ignorant, hateful. The civilized world's eyes are upon Nigeria's judges who have condemned Amina. May they know compassion and forgiveness. May they consider Amina as they would their own selves in the same transgression.

We are all the components of the machinery called society. Cursed be the society who who has components like these. Words like mercy and humaniy are just words found in concise oxford dictionary and mean nothing to them in real life.They and only they are responsible for their own pervert mentalities.God shall never ever open his arms to shelter such globe crawling sons of lucifer.our words may not save Amina, but she will remain an icon of injustice and violation of human rights as long God wishes to keep us;the lesser mortals alive to see such atrocities without protest.