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Now I'm sitting on a panel sponsored by the government about security. The panel is focused on the security of government networks. I am sitting on the far left and the guy in favor of the national ID is sitting on the far left. I just talked about the importance of privacy and the fact that privacy is different from security. I talked about how privacy is not only a right of citizens, but a necessary element for demcracy. I talked about how the OECD guidelines for privacy were written before the Internet and that we needed to look at the future. I talked about Roger Clarke's distinction between entity and identity and the fact that Privacy Enhancing Technologies can make the same networks much more robust from a privacy perspective and that this was a different way of thinking about architecture than just security...

Chris Goggans (aka Erik Bloodaxe) spoke yesterday. I wish I could have heard him. I heard it was a good talk. He is the one that got me invited to this panel. Pretty funny. One of the most famous hackers from American invites me to a government sponsored panel in Japan...

The mic cables look shielded... I wonder if I can stay connected even when I talked on the mic...


Personally, I think I am slicing and dicing the government folks, but Sekiguchi-san of Nikkei is opposing me (pushing for the national ID) more eloquently than I have ever witnessed. He is arguing that the benefits outweight the risks and is giving a lot of examples of where identification is useful or critical. I still think it is wrong, but it is the correct way to approach this debate. It is understanding and weighing the risks and benefits.

Yasuda-sensei totally misunderstood what I meant when I was talked about localization of personal information. I hope I get a chance to counter his reference to my comment...

Well I didn't get a chance to say it, but people keep talking about protecting, erasing and confirming information collected about yourself. We need to focus on information not being created in the first place!

Yes! We went into overtime and I got to make my point. I got nods all around and everyone agreed with me. Afterwards, I was invited by the professors to join their study group to create a security philosophy for government networks... It's interesting how technical discussions about privacy are much more constructive than philosophical and emotion discussions... duh...

I found the details of the seminar on the site of INSI Inc..

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