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I'm blogging this a bit late, but Marko, Ilkka, Shu and Martti from Nokia Ventures Organization visited last week. We talked about the future. Their mission is to do a lot of long term thinking about Nokia. I blabbed about blogs, privacy and all of the other things I love. Howard was the one that got us hooked up. Marko worked on setting up Aula, a project in Finland that I love. I had met Jryi and some others from Aula when they visited Tokyo and have been a fan ever since. Aula is this great space in Finland that is kind of a new space/community/incubator... You should go look at their site to learn more.

Marko Ahtisaari was born in Helsinki, Finland and grew up in Helsinki, Dar es Salaam and New York. He studied economics, philosophy and music at Columbia University in the City of New York where he subsequently lectured in logic, philosophy of economics and the history of thought. He went on to be the leader of the mobile practice at the design consultancy Satama Interactive. Currently Marko works in the Nokia Ventures Organization. In the in-between moments he makes music.

Tallking to Marko reminded me of talking to Jyri which involved getting really excited and a feeling sorry that we ran out of time. Marko's team at Nokia gets to do some really long term thinking and we all agreed blogs on mobile phones made sense.

I tried to get them to increase priority on privacy.

Marko Ahtisaari

I suppose public persons, whether by choice or accident, don’t have the luxury of the distinction between what Joi Ito calls entifying and identifying (following Roger Clarke). Talking to Joi has convinced me to start thinking harder about privacy.


Blogs on mobile phones is an absolutely great idea - especially when those phones have cameras in them! Brian from Jiqoo set up some software for me to email photos and captions from my J-Phone to the web. The page is temporarily down, but there's a Google Cache, sadly lacking in J-Phone pix.

I gotta ask him about fixing that so I can pick up using that again!

Brian! Give me that code! I want... I want... ;-)

Thanks for that wonderful picture of me Justin... ;-p

I recently wrote an article about Aula for I love what they are doing, too. When I was in Helsinki in June, we stayed up talking for about five hours. I hope they can continue to survive. Their physical location is magnificent, right in the middle of all the action. It's like having a clubhouse at Shibuya Crossing. I'm a little worried about how they will continue to afford their space -- they exist in a strange zone between publically-funded and profit-making venture.

Check out The Hiptop Nation: incredible somewhat lo-fi taste of things to come:

Very cool, Matt. I snarfed Hiptop Nation, with appropriate credits, for the Smart Mobs blog