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I was invited by Idei-san the Chairman of Sony to be on his panel the day after tomorrow in Beijing. It is one of two panel discussions that are part of an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of relations between Japan and China. The town-hall style panel will be held in a TV studio and broadcast nationwide in China. Idei-san is the moderator and there will be 3 Japanese and 3 Chinese. I'm going to talk about how Japan is still competitive in consumer electronics, but China will probably take over manufacturing. I think that Japan can add value in branding and marketing devices, but might need the help of Silicon Valley to build the architecture and the software to connect the services with the devices. After the panel, there will be a big reception and a performance of Madam Butterfly conducted by Seiji Ozawa. Mizuka went with Yanai-san and Makiko-san the day before yesterday to Beijing. Yanai-san is head of the PR committee of the event. Idei-san is the Chair of the entire event. I'm leaving tomorrow morning so I don't know if I will be able to blog from Beijing. (Maybe they've banned my site. ;-p ) If not, I'll be offline until Thursday.

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Well, since a large typhoon is approaching Tokyo, you and Idei-san may be stuck here, and then Mizuka and maybe Idei-san's wife will have to replace you on the panel. For the 1.2 billion Chinese watching the show, that may give them a more user-friendly view of Japan. Who knows?

By the way, you should discuss some of the banned web portals on the panel and see if they try to censor you. . .

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