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We had a joint dinner tonight with Enjin01, a group of cultural leaders that I co-founded and the Cultural Design Forum, where many of the people from Enjin01 had defected from. We talked about possibly merging the groups back again. There was a basic disagreement. The Cultural Design Forum wanted to continue to have big annual meetings and basically talk about stuff to the public. Enjin01 has seminars, but Saigusa-san explained that we are pro-actively trying to pushing reform forward.

I drove Saigusa-san home and I told him that it was time to be active, not just vocal. I remember I said something similar at dinner last night, but this is such a unique time in Japanese history... When I am in San Francisco, it is almost boring because they let you do anything you want. This horrible government, the pressure and the oppression give me a sense of purpose. It is almost exhillerating. It is the same feeling I have when I watch movies about revolutions. I am not an anarchist, but maybe I enjoy anarchy. There is such an opportunity to create value and impact history when stuff is so screwed up... I really think that good timing, the Internet and some organizational skills might wake up the Japanese people. This is possibly a once in a century opportunity to see an awakening of a country...

Or maybe I'm being too optimistic. Well, it is probably not a bad thing to be optimistic when everyone is running the other direction...


If you are optimistic while others are bewailing the onset of disaster, perhaps you are seeing opportunities for social improvement where others are only seeing unwelcome change.

I'd be very interested to hear what uses of good timing, the Internet, and organisational skills you anticipate being effective. Despite the internet's undoubted usefulness as a spreader of memes, there is also the view that activist fervor is being diverted into internet activism of a sort that bears no fruit in the larger public domain.

Incidentally, one project you might find of interest seeks to create a central hub for the dissemination of information of the sort that is currently excluded from the corporate media: W.I.N.G.

How can I read about new info on Hot Japanese Anime?
-- I'm also interested in viewing the commercials with Arnold Schwarznegger in them.

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