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The biggest hurricane since WWII is about to hit Tokyo. It was supposed to hit this evening, but it is speeding up. My flight on Air China is delayed. I'm sitting in a sushi shop in Terminal 2 (my non-favorite sushi shop terminal) drinking a beer munching on some hokkigai. Anyway, I just wanted to blog in because when I checked into Air China, they asked me if I wanted a smoking seat. (Apologies to those who hate smoking or already know there are smoking seats on Air China.) I thought they had banned all international smoking flights! So... To be a bad boy... I just bought some cigarettes just so that I can smoke on the flight and see what it's like. I hope I don't sit next to a chain smoker who makes me PAY for this little experimental experience. The other funny thing is... I probably wouldn't have bought the cigarettes if I hadn't thought it MIGHT make blog material. Hmm... Blogging causes cancer?


I wonder if it is rude to blog while you eat. Actually, this sushi shop isn't bad... It's much bigger and I don't know the chefs, but the hokkigai is pretty good...

Blogging while you eat is probably much less rude than smoking while you eat or smoking while you fly.

i love the real-time blogging! (I suppose it's all "real-time" but something about this post puts me right into Narita eating sushi and pondering a nasty habit). And I love that blogging precipitated your cigarretes purchase! It's nice to know you have your readers in mind! Hope you have a safe journey to China, if that plane ever leaves.

Ater my first round of otsumami (stuff cut and served without rice) the chef asked if I wanted to start nigiri which is typical sushi with rice. I told him I would stick to otsumami a signal that I'm gonna stick around for a while longer drinking and not getting full. He then produced some great bettara with 3 citruses yuzu, sudachi, and lemon. I decided this was a sign that Mr. Ishikura wanted to be friendly so I started talking about the weather. (An easy topic since this is the biggest hurricane since WWII.) I then ordered harasu (salmon belly skin) and namageso (raw squid tentacles) to let him know I was trying to be creative. I think I'm developing a relationship here...

Thank for the "support" Kurt. This is weird. We're chatting now!

It's amazing how motivating feedback is...

So here is a picture of my setup. My Sony Viao C1MRX that will run for hours and hours on my battery because of the groovy Transmeta Crusoe chip inside and my Foma Card (I still haven't given it back to Docomo) which I found out goes 384K, not 128K as I previously reported.

As you can see, I have switched to sake from beer. And the botan ebi shrimp head for effect. (I'm either becoming creative, bored or drunk.)

Another thing I wonder. They use a lot of code words for bill amounts and other things. I just figured out that nozoki refers to the little dishes of soy sauce. I've had 3 different types combinations of soy sauce and other mixers and when I just switched to sushi, the chef asked the waitress to swap my nozoki. nozoki means to "look into" in Japanese. Peeping Toms are also called nozoki.

Oh No! Caught by my partner/chairman!

From IM
jun makihara says :
Don't smoke! I will lose all respect for you. If you can7t keep a simple promise to yourself and others like that your are a wimp!!!
jun makihara says :

Joichi says :
Ahh! You're finally discovering the wonders of Instant Messenger!
Joichi says :
OK Since you are "trying" I will "try." I will not smoke these cigarettes...
jun makihara says :
Sen and I are experimenting with blogging. I am trying to be cool. 8-)
Joichi says :
Do you mind if I blog your Instant Message so I can let my bloggers know why I'm not going to smoke these cigarettes? (Or if I do, why I won't tell you...)

Just got confirmation that my bag made it on the ANA plane. My suit... YES.

I wonder if Idei-san and his corporate jet are going to get screwed up. I wonder if one Sony CEO gets preference over a few hundred ANA passengers...

But tomorrow's panel won't work without Idei-san. hmm...

Assimisay Ito-san, but I am humbly sending you this comment from a traditional landline DSL connection. I wish I could be on my private jet or in some hotel room or airport sushi, but alas I am just sitting here in San Francisco - looking at the Bay Bridge.

Yes things are easier here - but we also have the greatest, most conservative government around. Here they get very mad if you do not support our president's call for war.

I also reccomend eating the shrimp head. And lots of hiziki - neh? And if you must smoke, just praise Jah Rasta fari - ever lviing, ever fearful Rastaman Vibrations.

Hey Marc. I and I be irie (sp?) mon... Did eat the shrimp heads. Pricked my lip on one of the thorny bits and it got swollen.

Being in SF looking at the Bay Bridge definitely ain't bad dude. I'm sitting in a hotel room looking over a city with dozen of cranes building buildings like crazy.


Thanks for enlightenming about China Airlines. I definitely will not be flying them. There is no such thing on a plane as a non-smoking seat since the air in a plane is shared by everyone. I guess this is some more of the toxic products and dogma that the Chinese are polluting the world with such as sending toothpaste with radiator anti-freeze in it (this is criminal) to the US and other countries; sending toxic pet food, sending toys made with lead and painted with lead paints to kill little children or damage them for the rest of their lives.

The Chinese need to clean up their act and also become much healthier people by first of all stop smoking and it is in not just China ---it is people all over the world. Smoking is just plain unclean, dumb and unhealthy.