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We will be announcing later today the establishment of Neoteny Venture Development Co., Ltd. which will be lead by Hidehiro Matsumoto as its CEO. Neoteny Venture Development is a spin-out of the consulting business of Neoteny Co., Ltd. which has been in development for a year. Neoteny Venture Development Co., Ltd. will be a subsidiary of Neoteny Co., Ltd. The team has delivered five consulting engagements to large Japanese companies. NVD will focus on corporate venture consulting, entrepreneurship support and corporate spin-out consulting. Neoteny Co., Ltd. will focus on venture investing in information technology businesses. Neoteny will update its web page tonight. (It will be a blog ;-) )

I will of course continue to be CEO of Neoteny and current am focused on investing in personal communications technologies and networked consumer electronics and enabling technologies and services...


new moon passed last night and mercury ended retrograting earlier this morning so I think it is good timing to announce or to change appearances today.


have you invited Sakamoto-san (Ryuichi) to your blog? I think that he would be one very interested in and hooked to blog : )

Congratulations to you, Matsumoto-san and Barak-san!

Hopefully our 'multimedia conversations' will commence and bring the world to a new level of publishing and communications!

Gam - bat - ai - kurd - usai!

- Marc-san

Thanks Marc. I think this move will help us focus our company much more.

I like your multimedia conversation idea. See my comments about this...