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OK. We're getting serious now... ;-p We've just set up the Official Neoteny Blogging Team (as in the Jamaican Bobsled Team), the first blogging team in Japan that we know of. We're going to get serious about messing around with stuff like using mobile phones, recruiting interesting bloggers, trying to build a photo album/blog, integrating IM and lots of other cool things. If you know of or run a cool service like that we can integrate, let me know. I'll be integrating stuff into my site as we get it going. Also, if you have have a cool blog idea that you would like hosted or would like to participate or contribute in some way let me know.


Looks cool! I'm having great fun with the Smart Mobs blogging team.

I'm really glad you and Neeraj got together, Joi! I was thrilled to meet him, and hope to see him next time I'm in Tokyo. (I'm always interested in what might be new with ImaHima, BTW)

I'd be interested in contributing or participating in some fashion. If I can help out from NYC, please let me know.


One idea might be to work on a Japanese language pack for MT...I'd build blogs for my parents if we had Japanese-language support for MT.

Cool Gen. We are working hard on getting Japanese working on MT. 2.5 does some language support I hear. So far we have just added Shift_JIS to the templates and the perl script...

It would be cool if you could work with us. I'm going to go cruise you site. I'll be back later today with some ideas...

A great augmentation of MT would be a way of keeping better track of those discussions that interest me -- not as elaborate as Caucus or other threaded message boards, but something a bit more sophisticated. A personal list that flags new comments since the last time I checked it. Make blogging even more communityesque!

Justin tried to get Ben and Mina interested in talking with people like me and Joi, but I guess they didn't want to. But that doesn't mean we are constrained from improving it.

Also, a better visual separation of posts would be helpful. Even just putting the Posted by: line in boldface.


Well Ben and Mena have been talking to some of Joi's folks I think, I've been cced on a lot of their communication. I think they're busy talking to a lot of folks, their software is increasingly popular so they're doing something right.

But as you point out Howard, it would be great to start merging blogging and community-ware into the great global hive mind of threaded intertwingled coversations.

Is anyone else slightly discombobulated by the way the Posted by: header line follows the post it labels, instead of precedes it?

Possibly - I see what you mean. We could change "posted by:" to "From:" and try putting it above the comments - if Joi doesn't mind ;->

Is this better Howard?

Yes, definitely better.

Howard, Justin, we have some plans along those lines, especially since we come from the forum world. But we have to finish up a longstanding project first. Hopefully in a month or so we'll launch it...let me know if you're interested in some info...

you have a very interesting site. Feel free to use content from my own.

This is really interesting new venture. I would love to be part of team and learn more.