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Neeraj is my only buddy so far...
AOL-Docomo the Japanese joint venture between Docomo and AOL Japan asked Neeraj of imaHima to make a Java aplet for the new Java enabled i-mode phones that allows you to use Aol Instant Messenger on your phone. They launched it last week. It's great! You can have multiple conversations at once and it is integrated with the PC based IM. I think this is a first. (There are many IM for messaging between phones.) The only thing that sucks is that you have to sign up for AOL's service any pay a monthly fee to use it. It took me almost 30 minutes on the phone to sign up...


Looks fantastic - can't wait for my next trip to Japan!

So is imaHima like AIM for the DoCoMo phones? I have a DoCoMo phone but I still haven't figured out how to sign on. Actully, I found the imaHima service sign up, but I wasn't sure if thats AIM. Also, how much is it a month?