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Recently Cory blogged about his bad experience with Expedia. The discussion thread afterwards got pretty heated and soon a bunch of Expedia employees jumped in. What was interesting to me was that this anonymous discussion by employees about their own company in a public place is one of the things that fuel one of the most popular sites in Japan, 2ch. On 2ch anyone can start a thread and anyone can post as anyone. About 90% is noise, but there are occasionally interesting things. One of the interesting effects is that the threads about companies often end up being flooded by posts from insiders arguing with each other. Some companies take this very seriously and try to stop it, but obviously this usually just aggravates the situation.

2ch has become quite an interesting phenomenon in Japan. I'm hoping that blogging will help channel some of this "yearning to post" energy away from anonymous back-stabbing to more productive blogging. I think 2ch proves Japanese want to express themselves in public, but the question is whether they will want to be accountable.

I will never ever look at Expedia the same way....I work for them. I am a Supervisor at Expedia. I still work for this company and they burn people everyday. In order to make money we charge stupid fees and no one cares for the customer. They give you cases to make you wait for nothing. In the end we keep your money. Cases sit in queues for weeks, and all agents are trained to give you the runaround. The managers and director are paid to sit in meetings on wednesdays and do nothing to help. They often talk of other call centers doing better in calls, they only care about calls answered not helping the customer. Managers do nothing, answer no calls, and render no solutions. The director is a fat guy who scratches his back on doors and brags about his chili beans! The company is a joke. They sell rooms when the hotels are over booked and will use any excuse in the book to not refund you. All supervisors are no help, we are purposely paid to send calls to other agents posing as supervisors, they call themselves customer care. Our customer advocate team is a joke, all day they email each other and do not resolve cases....but I need the money so I stay....sad but true. Expedia is a joke, please use travelocity.
I am an OSR agent for and have to admit. I have to say I am ticked that Expedia's employees are here bad mouthing. Expedia does not do anything illegal.

If the customer is not willing to read the rules and still books the reservation they are totally responsible for the bill.

Honestly, there are way too many people out there that should not use the computer. It would make our jobs easier.


My wife accidentally typed in the wrong dates for an Expedia ticket last year. A typo.

Yet they refused to do anything about it. So we jusyt wrote off the $400 in tickets.

I tell everyone I know NEVER to use Expedia. How long can a company last on that sort of reputation. No wonder Microsoft sold them.

I guess the real question is: "will Barry Duller improve it?" He seems to understand customers - yet, they refused to let him fully 'take over'.

Hey....I was wondering if any of you knew anyone named Jeremy B. that works at the Tacoma branch of If any of you do I was wondering if I could get his e-mail. He's one of my friends, but I'm not gonna see him for a while and my mom is trying to get a job there and needs to e-mail him about it. If anyone could be of any help it would be very much apreciated! Oh, and if any of you do know him he doesn't know me by this name ( I have a different name online) just tell him that I go to his church. Thanks a ton, Samii Lynn

Looking For My Boy who works for the Expedia Branch in Las Vegas Maurice A Marshall please email at

I was looking for a Steve Schutz that works for Expedia, I went to High School with him in Wagon Mound, NM. I was wondering if I could get his e-mail adddress.

they changed our itinerary so they said we are eligible for a refund ($3500.00!!!) so they say we have to cancel by writing to air france, so we do. Air france says its canceled call expedia to get your money. expedia says air france was supposed to give our money. Then expedia says it was never canceled with air france or expedia. and we are still waiting on our 1 hour long phone calls for days and days. its like having another job calling them everyday for hours and hours. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA!