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the service that delivered the joke...
This is a bit old, but I HAD to share this. ;-p I found it on BoingBoing
Wired News
Kiwi Symphony's Errant Scat Music By Kim Griggs 02:00 AM Oct. 11, 2002 PDT

WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- They had been expecting Wagner; instead, they got "Wee on My Face."

When subscribers to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra used Internet-based media players to listen to CDs sent to promote the orchestra's musical offerings next season, the playlist was not exactly classical music. "I have received a give-away CD from the (orchestra) a few days ago called Season 2003," one subscriber wrote to complain. "However, the names of the pieces were (so) hard to handle that I cannot type (them) on this e-mail."

The titles of the eight tracks on the CD, the album's name and the name of the artist displayed on media players all revolved around urination and defecation. "Maybe I Fart on Your Face" was not what the classical fans had been expecting.

I promise that this blog isn't going to continue to revolve around urination and defecation.

It turned out that one of the 8,000 subscribers who received the promotional CD was a university student in the southern New Zealand town of Christchurch. And he'd used an Internet-based media player to listen to the tracks.

"He received the NZSO promotional CD, put it into his computer and then he was prompted to put the titles in," said Constable Todd Webley, to whom the student unburdened himself when the titles became news.

"He's on his girlfriend's computer, and he was mucking around being stupid and thinking it's just going into that computer alone and not realizing that it's going to be sent into cyberspace."