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windowsswitch.jpg VS macswitch.gif
I found this on David Farber's list. Aparently Microsoft tried to do a "switch" campaign like Apple did using "real people" to explain why they switched from Apple to Microsoft. Readers on Slashdot found the women in the ad in a catalog of stock photos and she is aparently not a "real person." Microsoft has since taken down their page, but Google has a cache.
Although it is flipped horizontally, it is obviously the same image as the image in the gettyimages database


Interesting, not only is it a stock photo but it's from Getty Images! Why is that interesting? Because Getty Images is the only real competitor to Corbus and Corbus is owned by... someone named Bill Gates :-}

Oh yeh and Getty Images was founded by Mark Getty... the Heir to the J.P. Getty oil fortune. The moguls of two centuries duke it out.

Hah! That is a neat screw-up - when promoters get carried away. Nice peer-to-peer sleuthing work by the collective of computer users, probably with a predisposed bias against Microsoft.

I am sure Micosoft purchased the photo from Getty. Can someone like Gates grab images off the web just like us.