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Tuesday, 15 October, 2002, 17:46 GMT 18:46 UK
Wallace and Gromit film premières

Oscar-winning animated duo Wallace and Gromit have returned after a six-year absence in a series of short films - and BBC News Online has exclusive footage.

Maker Aardman Animations has produced 10 one-minute movies featuring Wallace and his canny pet dog Gromit, entitled Cracking Contraptions.

The films launched on Tuesday with the world exclusive première of the first short, Soccamatic, on BBC News Online. The film is downloadable and free to view.

I love Wallace and Gromit. This is really cool. Governor Tanaka of Nagano is probably really excited to. He loves Wallace and Gromit. He has two cell phones. One of them has a Gromit cover. It is a stuff animal typed cover for the phone which looks like Gromit's head. You open the mouth and talk. I love it. The other one is the lamb that is in one of the Wallace and Grommit movies. I always love it when Tanaka-san's assistant comes running across the room with Gromit with a urgent call and Tanaka-san is talking very seriously into Gromit's mouth. Tanaka-san also has a Gromit diary.

We also have Gromit and lamb dolls...

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Weren't the animals a bit more mature than lamb? That is, weren't they sheep?

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