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Veer of Blogstreet just IM'ed me and told me that they had added search to Blogstreet. He's blogged this. Blogstreet continues to enhance the idea of neighbourhoods and the context of how blogs are connected. I've been bugging Veer to work with and so that your blog rolls are also included in their database. Currently, your neighbourhood is defined only by crawlable links on your page...

User Radioland now has an ExplorerTool that lets you browse other bloggers RSS feed subscriptions. This context is very interesting to me. This community space is what is the difference between blogs and POWP's (Plain old web pages). It is CONTEXT, TRUST, COMMUNITY. This is NOT a static medium. The way the blogs and readers relate with each other, this distributed, decntralized network of trust and referrals is where a lot of the value...

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