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Utsumi's wife Fujiko just had a baby girl! Congratulations! I got the blow-by-blow from Reiran via IM. ;-)

Utsumi is one of my best friends and the CEO of Genec. He also made the Halloween JOI ITO WEB logo...

IM with Reiran
reirannihei: hi there
Joi: Hi Reiran
reirannihei: hi
reirannihei: fujiko chan just began to feel labor pains this morning
reirannihei: tanoshimi desu!
Joi: Yes. Definitely!
reirannihei: it's a girl !!!!
reirannihei: ....ojama shimashita.....
Joi: Wow! Great! Thanks for the news!
reirannihei: you're welcome!



My friend Joi is glad.

Thanks Eno-san! (This is his revenge for THIS) I googleImage/Photoshop Spammed his site. ;-) I'm slowly starting to see more and more trackback/comment spam. I'm sure it will become more and more of an issue... Until then, enjoy!

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