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Today was the regular press conference of the New Business Conference. The New Buiness Conference is an organization affiliated with the small and medium sized company section of the government. I am a director and chairman of the New Business Forum Committee. I was called to the press conference to make a presentation about this year's forum. This year, the conference will be December 2 at the Tokyo International Forum. The Keynote is the Kawabuchi-san, the head of the Japan Soccer Association. A lot of my good friends such as Mikitani-san of Rakuten, Oki Matsumoto of Monex, Takeuchi-sensei of Hitotsubashi, Hasegawa-san of Global Dining, Matsui-san of Matsui Securities, Kanemaru-san of Future System Consulting and Kurokawa-sensei of Tokai University will be speaking. The opening address will be given by Prince Takamado. I am a bit nervous since I have to introduce him using Imperial formal Japanese which is only used to address royalty and I can't screw it up...

The press conference today was very disturbing. Even though I am a director of this organization, I didn't know that they were going to issue a position statement. I disagreed with one of their statements which said that the government should give $160,000 to 10,000 companies and that "experts" should distribute the funds. This sounds like pork barrel politics to me. I can't imagine that these so-called "experts" will distribute the funds fairly or intelligently and can only imagine abuse. Also, these statements were most likely prepared by bureaucrats and caused some how to be announced by the NBC so that they can say, "See, we need budget..." Phewy. I don't want to be associated with such random stupidity and possible corruption. I'm going to announce my resignation after my responsibility to deliver a good conference. Ooops. I just blogged it.


Hey Joi,

That's great that you stood up for what you believe is right. Sorry to hear that the Japanese government is not doing any better than the US gov. when it comes to being in bed with corporate interests. BTW, many of us are demonstrating tomorrow against Bush's stance on Iraq. Hope you are well.



good day sir,
i appercaite it if yu can give me ditails about yur business and i want to be part of it,
i look forward to hear from yu.

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