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Veer just added a RSS feed discovery feature on blogstreet. You can search for a blog and it gives you the RSS URL and shows the RSS feed. It's very cool. RSS feeds are really significant I think. They tie so many things together... They also make banner adds sort of irrelevant. ;-)

Veer Bothra
RSS Discovery

Launched today is a new feature on BlogStreet called RSS Discovery. It finds the RSS feed of a blog if its mentioned in the blog page and then parses the RSS to display it in HTML. This can serve two purposes.

Many times for not-so-tech-savvy users finding the RSS feed of a blog for adding it to a RSS aggregator becomes difficult. RSS Discovery can take care of this by finding the feed for that blog.

Another use can be to read the RSS feed of a blog in HTML from the web when the RSS Aggregator is not available. Of course you can directly go to the blog and read it but you cannot post to your blog then. You will be able to do that using Blogger API from BlogStreet shortly.

RSS Discovery becomes the first in a series of features planned to make BlogStreet a utility provider in this space.

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