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Barak said, "but let's not call it blogging..." and Frank said, "but they won't call it blogging." What is it about this word? I think we will call it blogging. I often say, "wait, I'm blogging" or "I just blogged that" or "did you see my blog entry about that?" It is an activity that is new and can't be called anything else easily ("wait, I am posting an item to my web page about this...?") and it is taking up a significant share of time and minds of people who are addicted. So, my bet is that we will call it blogging even after 10 year old kids are doing it in the backseat of their parents cars...


Yes - blogging will be called blogging. No problem there. That's a form of 'publishing' with 'some' interactive aspects to it (currrently comments - like what I'm doing now), trackbacks and this subtle thing called 'refering to...' - which is really hard to explain.

But what I spend most of my waking life on right now (great movie BTW) is what ELSE is there and what is THAT called - that's circling or surrounding this publishing/communicating/interacting phenomena.

I'm trying out 'multimedia conversations' to see how it fits - but maybe that's the wrong phrase too.

Turning our concepts into a business plan has been real helpful in elucidating and crytaling all this. And Mimi says hi! BTW

It will be called blogging. It's too late to come up with a new term. There are already derivatives describing the process using blog as a root such as moblogging, audioblogging etc., not to mention terms about the phenomena like blogosphere, warblogging etc.

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