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A blog referrer spam site... from Veer

And I thought blogs were going to be a solution to spam...

Welcome to Mastodonte Referrer Advertising

You are seeing this page probably because your found us among your weblog's referrers or because a blogger linked to us as a result of our ongoing referrer campain.

We are doing referrer marketing: adding your URL as a referrer in the logs of thousands of weblogs. If you are seeing this page, referrer advertising worked with you.

You might also see it as a PR tool for bloggers.

Q: How many weblogs can you reach?
A: We are currently reaching 56,000 weblogs, more being added every hour.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: The cost of a referrer broadcast is CAN$ 1500, which converts roughly to US$ 1000. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Interested? Contact us:

Opt-out? Send us your URL:
We think it's our customer's best interests to keep our database clean of blogs that prefer not to receive our ads.


There's a good discussion of this on blogroots. Includes Mastodonte's owner chiming in.

I've spoken quickly about this as well on my blog. It's conjecture, but I do have an inside view of the lab where this fungus crawled out of.

Thanks for the great links Anita and Rowland! I guess my disappointment comes more from my hope that blogs would be spam free...even though deep down inside, I knew you could do it. I hope MT figures out a way to do some authentication for trackback and other things... Something like a registered list of PGP signatures for trackbacks or something.

Looks like everyone is talking about this today. Yup, it looks like trackbacks and the like will need to be moderated. At least it shouldn't get as bad as email spam.

The service has been discontinued.

Francois Lane
Mastodonte Communication Inc.