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kurokawa_thumb.jpgDr. Koyoshi Kurokawa is the most outspoken MD I know. He was originally at Tokyo University, but left to join Tokai University School of Medicine. This is a pretty rare career move. Kurokawa-san is working on starting several venture businesses and is also one of the most entrepreneurial MD's I know. He's so energetic and neotenous that I always forget how important he is. ;-) He is the chairman of many government science committees and is a regular at the WEF Davos meeting and other international conferences. Today, he dropped by with one of his young doctors to discuss a new idea for a venture startup. Kurokawa-san is the one who really got me thinking about the suicide problem in Japan...

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It is a long time. It is good to hear that you are
requested to become an adviser and a chairman for a advisary meeting,
Innovation forum for the Prime Minister Abe.

I have sent you some messages with my books by a separate mail that will arrive at your private home in a few days.
I am very pleased if you read my messages and agree with
I hope you would be successful on your project and lead
a young Prime Minister towards correct directory.

Warmest Regards,
One of your old firends grduated in Seikei.