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I know some of you are not as excited about this whole "Blog Thing" as some of us, but this is really amazing. This is the kind of thing that I think shows how the speed and the "feed-like" nature of blogs can short circuit mistakes and create new communication channels that traditional web pages just weren't fast enough to do...
Boing Boing
Judge amends decision after reading correction on blog
A former law clerk noted an error in a Fifth Circuit decision on his blog. The judge who wrote the decision turns out to be a regular reader of said blog, and he immediately amended the decision and wrote to the blogger with the news. Judges read blogs. Judges correct Federal court rulings based on blogs. Wow.

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Hi Joi Ito -I'm very excited about this blog thing and as such noted this same "worthy" implentation of blogging on my blog today. Not only did the judge correct it because of the blog. It turns out he is an avid reader of the blog. So blogging's more than a, uhhh, say symbiotic ecosystem?

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