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ogawa_thumb.jpgKazuhisa Ogawa is a well known military analyst and appears on Japanese TV quite a bit. He was originally a member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force in the Helicopter Division. He was key in Japan's response to the Peru incident as well as convincing the Japanese disaster relief forces that helicopters could actually be used to put out fires at night when they failed to fly during the Kobe earthquake. He is very smart and outspoken. We met when he was a guest for a magazine column I was involved in and we've kept in touch ever since. Now we have begun to work closely together again as computer privacy and security risks continue to involve physical and military risks more and more. We agree on almost everything and it is great to have a well established military analyst support my opinions. We make a pretty good team during government study group when we need to beat people up with a good combination punch. ;-) Today, we were plotting our next move...

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