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hassyh1.jpgI just LOVE Hasselblad Cameras. I have two of them, a 503CW and a 205FCC. The 503 was my first Hasselblad and I used it for several years before I bought the 205FCC. (I read an article on that said that the 205FCC was great, but that it was a waste for newbies. ;-) )Hasselblad is really the ultimate medium format camera with such a great design that they haven't changed much in over 50 years. The 503CW is requires no electricity. The 205FCC has an amazingly accurate internal spot meter that allows me to do fancy stuff like measure the contrast of the image and adjust the push processing on my B&W to compensate for it. An amazing feature, I rarely use. ;-) Anyway, this new H1 that Hasselblad designed with Fuji Film is fully automatic with everything integrated. Even auto-focus! Is this a blasphemy or a breakthrough? It feels like when Leica came up with their first auto-focus minilux series. If I hadn't just bought my 205FCC I would take a serious look at the H1, but... I've bought too many cameras this year to afford another one.


Which reminds me... It's a beautiful day. I should be out at Komazawa park taking photos, not in the basement blogging. ;-)

I've never bought a medium format camera but I've always hated the weight of most MF cameras. My friends swears by his Mamiya 7II, and another friend swears by his Graphlex XL. He's made a very cool Graphlex with a nice Schneider wide-angle lens and the adjustable backs of the Graphlex system make it very small and portable.

If you go SLR in medium format, then the weight becomes an issue, imo.

These days I'm much more apt to be travelling with my Ricoh GR1s than I am with my Nikon.

They are heavy... but not as heavy as 8x10's. There's also something really nice about the square 6x6's... You don't need all that sky... but it's nice. ;-)

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I'm sticking with my Bronica S2A (as used by Austin Powers) :-)

Oh, anyone know a good 6x6 film scanner usable on the Mac?