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Walking with my FE 60-120 zoom lens on my Hasselblad 205FCC fixed to my tripod.
Decided to take a stroll in the park with Mizuka instead of blogging a day. It was a beautiful day. I've uploaded some pictures I took with my Sony Cybershot DSC-P5. I wish I had a better photo album online. Does anyone know of a good photo album server I can run on a Apple XServe?

The entrance to Komazawa Park is one of the nicest views in the park. The leaves are just starting to turn yellow.

Yakiimo is the great portable food of the fall/winter in Japan. These little trucks roast the sweet potatoes in ovens billowing smoke with this great tape recorded message going on and on about how nice, sweet and hot the potatoes are.

Another great outdoor food is grilled corn. The corn has soy sauce on it that burns and smells like... burnt soy sauce. All Japanese are conditioned to salivate when they smell burnt soy sauce.

The Japanese made a mistake and Japlish took over on this one. "free market" and "flea market" are generally used interchangeably. Some web sites talk about "free markets" being more "open" "flea markets"... So here is a "free market"...

The local right wing truck showed up to join the festivities with speakers blaring on about the Japan flea market economy...

Komazawa Park has these great bikes for 2 people that you can cruise around in. Mizuka wanted to ride one, but we got turned down and told that they were for kids.

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So I guess if wanted to come to Japan, it would have to be careful not to be thought of as an online flea market. . .

Interestingly, although Japan is trying to become more of a free market economy, this depression is turning it into a flea market economy. Maybe the bureaucrats just misspelled the 5 year plan.