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Suction cup 7 dBi antenna: Mike from Signull Techologies sent me the URL of a spec sheet for their 7 dBi suction cup antenna pictured deployed on automobiles! Wardriving made easy.
I want one of these...


Joi, if you're planning to do some war driving in Tokyo, please take some advice from my friend Terry who is an expert in WiFi and works with the main WiFi non-profit here in NYC.

Consider using a passive scanner like kismet and not the more popular Netstumbler. Terry writes:

"Netstumbler is an active scanner, and for the most accuracy you want a passive scanner, such as kismet. There are probably a good percentage of 'cloaked' wireless networks that you would miss with Netstumbler."

Thanks for the tip Gen. I've actually never gone wardriving, but someone who has says there are a lot of "open networks" around our office. Having this antenna built into my car would be pretty handy when I needed a quick broadband pit-stop. Having said that, I have Netstumber installed on my computer. I'll take a look at kismet...

Have you seen the Mobile Mark magnetic mount antenna? That looks like an excellent choice, with 5.5 or 7 dbi gain.. Except the cable to it is too long.. At 2400 MHz, you'd lose the gain in the cable..

You should try to keep cable runs as short as possible, which usually means mounting the antenna not too far from the computer.

Have you ever tried using a medium-gain (around 60 degree beamwidth) patch antenna pointed forward as you drive?

I don't wardrive, but I have tried many different antennae, both homemade and commercial, on both sides of the link, in my quest to extend my home WLAN to the cafe near my house and I've found a small homemade patch antenna to be the best combination of form and function..

Similar products can be found at, superpass, hyperlinktech and fab-corp

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