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Just finished having dinner and am in the cab on the way home... DInner was so interesting that I forgot to take a picture. Joi "always-takes-a-picture" Ito forgot to take a picture. Oh well. You all know what he looks like and we ate in the same restaurant that I took Dan and Noriko to.

It's really great having someone like Larry in Japan. Kara, Megan, Dan... We're on a roll!

Larry can really help push some of the issues I find most frustrating working in Japan. Japanese lawyers don't understand technology and technologists don't understand law. IP is still not considered a very important social issue and the value of "public domain" is greatly un-appreciated in Japan. Also, I think that the one of the biggest risks for Japan is to become irrelevant. Having great thinkers like Larry experiencing Japan ang leaving with an understanding of the issues, but a appreciation for our real assets will be one of the things that will save Japan as we go through the massive changes ahead.

Larry will be in Japan for a few more months. I hope I get to see him again and introduce him to the folks he won't meet at Tokyo University. ;-)


lawyer Shimizu-san will be going to drink with him tonight, Nov 7. I'm not sure how many Nichibenren people going to, however, at least it's a start. I guess.

Inviting me to the talk Larry gave at Asahi Shimbun certainly changed the course of my book and my thinking, Joi. Thanks! Maybe we can get together in December in Tokyo?

Yes. We should get together. More blog material. ;-)

I'm so happy that you've found a raison d'etre. ;-)

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