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Saw a cool trick on Boing Boing. If you search for "http" on Google, the results are sites ranked by page ranking. As Boing Boing notes, the tops sites are search site., the online news paper is number one and that most of the top Japanese sites are mass media sites. I love that tabi no madoguchi makes it into the Top 10 in Japan. It's a great site and is all about conversation on the living web come true.

Top 10 Overall
1. Yahoo!
2. Google
3. Microsoft Corporation
4. Adobe Systems Incorporated
5. AltaVista - The Search Company
6. My Excite
7.'s Biggest Selection
9. Lycos Home Page
10. MapQuest: Home

Top 10 in Japanese
2. Yahoo! Japan
3. Tabi no madoguchi (a travel site with customer feedback)
4. Fresheye
5. Nikkei Net
6. goo
7. Yomiuri Shimbun
8. Microsoft Japan
9. NHK Online
10. Recruit ISIZE


FYI, I read the same thing on the google weblog (wonder which came first?) and was rather dubious about the results, therefore I asked about it in WebmasterWorld. Turns out that is not a valid method of determining page rank. Searching http will tend to bias pages towards old sites which had a lot of "link text" as "". Someone there provided an example that was ranked lower than another site with a lower PR.

Google uses many more things than pagerank to determine the order of sites against a keyword search..Over 100 apparently...

I would agree: big sites with a lot of internal cross links would rank high in Google, unless they were put on the Google "link farm" shitlist which blacklists sites like

Searching for something like "http" is not really a realistic test anyway. Common words like "the," "a," etc., are usually not even indexed (they are put on a "stoplist," as they say in the field of information retrieval) by search engines because they increase the size of the search index astronomically while not helpng to narrow down searches. In the world of web pages "http" would seem to be in that category ... but in combination with other words (e.g., "http header") I guess you'd need it indexed for searches.

Japanese is a neat language and i would like to learn more about it, and learn how to speak and write it.

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