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I got my P504iS today. It is the new i-mode phone with a built-in camera. They went on sale last week. Docomo's i-mode council upgrades our phones for us so we can play with the new features. (No wonder people are mad at me. ;-p ) Anyway, the one I got, the Panasonic phone has two cameras! One points at you and one away. There are also two color LCD displays. This is the perfect mobile photo blogging device. Now I have two cameras in my phone, a voice recorder in my digital camera, a camera in my computer and a camera in my Clie Palm. Do I need all of these cameras? Of course...


I can't use my AIM i-apli! Neeraj! Help!

Wow! I was just wondering what is the edge of mobile phone in Japan. Can you take movies also? How about the connection to Internet?
Japan is definitely an advanced country in mobile phone world. I wonder how people figure out to use these kind phone in daily life, that must be future looking. I think taking blog pictures with mobile phone is very cool idea. ;-)

Yes. There is i-mode Internet, i-apli Java...

Here is a picture of Minami-san looking on enviously at my phone. He just got his a few minutes ago and I hear the beep-beep-beep of him setting his up now...

You forgot the camera in your Samsonite suitcase.


So did you figure out what the marketing concept was behind having two cameras in the phone?  There's no split screen so you can't take a picture of yourself and the person opposite you at the same time. . .

Reading about your interest in portable cameras, blogging and the fact that you use MovableType makes me think you might be interested in my "Mini Photo Log".

It's in spanish, but it's mostly pictures, so it doesn't matter.

The interesting part is how it is published. I built an email gateway for MT, so I can take pictures with my Clie NX70V, and email them as attachments using a WiFi connection.

I can take a picture and have it published in less than a minute... from the middle of the street in New York :-)

Wow. That's hot. But you're still carrying a Palm device? Gee. You'd think they'd throw the Palm OS in that phone.... my Kyocera SmartPhone though with the Palm OS is looking awfully dated. When's iMode coming stateside!

Cool. Thanks Neeraj. It's working now.

I created a mobile photo blog too. This allows to to create your own blog and update it via MMS or email.

Just attach your photo and mail it with your username and password to the site.

You can add text to your email too and that will appear with your photo.



I also got the Panasonic 2102v and i wonder if anyone could suggest me some website, where i can download many ringtones and java apply working for this phone...
Thank you all! (~-^)b

hi every body , I have a P504iS , but I don't have software to transfer datas from this mobile to Computer and else. Can you give me a link to download this software ? ( Link data software ) thank you so much !

is that a GSM or CDMA phone?, does it spport RUIM/ SIM card