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We've been debating in Japanese about what a blog is and whether it is any different from diary sites or other web pages. I've had quite a difficult time defending the position that blogs are really anything special. Here is a funny comic strip of a discussion between a grumpy girl and a questioning ant on that topic.

Seen first on for the sake of clarity.


I dig that invisible shoebox, yeah! Thanks for pointing to her.

I guess if blogger had gotten its act together 60 years earlier, you could have had "The Blog of Anne Frank". Doesn't have the same feeling does it?

I think there's a very real difference. and online diaries and journals precede the emergence of weblogs by many years.

my essay weblogs: a history and perspective might offer a bit of insight into the nature of the first weblogs and the ways in which they have changed over the last 4 years.

Thanks Rebecca. That's very useful. BTW, you're the first blog that I've seen other than mine that has a link to Cook's Illustrated... ;-) (Or maybe I'm just not "in" the recipe community.)

Grumpygirl has another chapter today; the questioning ant goes home to report on his (her?) field research.

The first blog you've seen other than yours with a link to Cook's Illustrated? I'm hurt! :-)

Sorry Frank! ;-) Having said that, you haven't linkrolled it like us...

Jun, you're right that The Blog of Anne Frank doesn't have the same feeling as The Diary of Anne Frank. But on the other hand, if Anne Frank had been posting to a blog instead of to a diary, perhaps it would have put pressure on the Allies to end the war faster, or put pressure on the Nazis to avoid mistreating the Jews -- or maybe just to avoid mistreating Anne.

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