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Slipped out of the conference to see Jean-Louis Gassée. I met Jean-Louis when he was running Be Inc. I was the first and last advisory board member of Be. Jean-Louis is a legend in Silicon Valley from his days at Apple and all of the cool stuff he's done afterwards.

He is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Allegis and is on the board of PalmSource and EFI. We talked a lot about personal networking technologies and shared our thoughts and vision in this area. He's such a cool and charming guy and I think Allegis is a PERFECT thing for him.

Barak and Minami joined me in the meeting and it was interesting because Barak had worked with him at Apple and Logitec so they had a lot of history... Frank got me back in touch with him. Frank used to work with Jean-Louis at Be and now works at and helps run one of our portfolio companies, AirEight.


It reminds me 2 years ago when my studies were near their end, and I wished to worked at Be. After some time there were no more recruiting in France... and when I eventually found a job a year ago, Be had disappeared...

JY Stervinou just fixed my spelling of Jean-Louis' name and sent me the link to his unofficial Jean-Louis Blog.

Mr. Gassée seemed happy when we explained about Beatcraft, company built by top BeOS hackers in Japan, is expanding their business in the broadband area.

He said he would like to see Beatcraft guys next time he visits Japan.