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Ben and Mena Trott
Had lunch with Ben and Mena Trott, the founders and developers of Movable Type who were here for the Supernova conference. I'm a great fan of theirs because Movable Type was my introduction to blogging and I am very happy that I chose Movable Type as my blog software. (Thanks to Justin for making this decision for me.) Hirata in my office worked on the Japanese language kit for MT and we talked about some of the issues involved in localization and about the blogging landscape in Japan...


Photo from different angle.

Minami's picture is better. Sorry about the Poinsettia Head shot... I think it looks kind of nice tho. ;-)

No problem :) It made me laugh.

Yes! I thought Mena was wearing some wild-stylish hat! Poinsettia Head - for the holiday season. Did you get a haircut Mena? It looks nice. Glad you guys could meet up!

Wow, I didn't know that's what the people behind MT look like -- and, gasp, they're just normal folk!!!

Movable Type is WONDERFUL and is surely the web's latest killer app. Thanks Ben and Mena!

-- michael heraghty

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