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Just had lunch with Dave Winer. We talked about a lot of things and I don't know what was "on the record", but I think I can say we talked a lot about outlines. (Dave said, "everything looks like an outline to me," on the panel so I assume it's no secret.) I actually love outlines generally. My web page before my blog was an outline. All of the papers I write, I write in MS Word Outline mode, convert to html, run a script to strip the junk out and pour in my custom style sheet. So now that my blog is bloating, I'm looking for an outline mode to create a structured view of my entries and links to other blogs. I'm going to try using Radio Userland for this...


You might want to try OmniOutliner from the Omni group - the ultimate outlining tool for Mac OS X, plus can output OPML.
(They've got other cool tools too). No affiliation other than a happy user.

I bought it. It's pretty cool. At least it "exports" to opml... I'm hoping Radio will be more integrated into my browsing and publishing experience.

Joi as photo blogger.

"everything looks like an outline to me," is Dave's mantra. He even has a domain devoted to it:

If you do use Radio Userland, check out it's News Aggregator. I think It's the best one around also check out Mark Paschal's Footbridge tool: a lightweight tool to mirror Radio categories (i.e blog postings) to Advogato, LiveJournal, and Blogger API sites.

Joi, how do you (mentally) manage all the different blogging/logging/writing tools/spaces that you work with? MovableType, your moblog, LiveJournal, Fotolog, Radio, MSWord...

I'm getting dizzy just looking at the list!

Actually, I suppose most of us in the tech world have an equally long list of tools we use all the time. I guess the difference to me is how quickly you seem to pick them up and embrace them. It takes a while for me to integrate new tools into my routine...the past few months have been an unusual flurry of activity in that regard, with MovableType, Mozilla, and iChat all going onto the "daily use" list.

I've been reading Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, and mentally cataloging people I've met via blogs as "Connectors," "Mavens," and "Salesmen." You strike me as being an incredible example of both of the first two...not having met you in person, I don't know about the third. :-)

Hi Joi -

What a great blog. I just started mine, in Radio Userland, and so am taking faltering steps forward.

I really like RU, but unfortunately, it does not seem to support unicode - when I try to make entries in Japanese, it spits out junk into the blog.

Next, I think I'll try changing the HTML in the template to see if the codepage of the template affects its ability to display Japanese.


Another Omni Outliner user here. I love it! I organize books, articles, plan trips with it. Truly a great value as shareware.

Dave is a wonderful gadfly. Didn't he stick it to the slick Microsoft guy very nicely? He wasn't nasty, but he cut through the BS and got to the point about MS selling a proprietary lock-in plan (.Net) as a kind of open system. Why not REALLY open it up?

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