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OPML - Outline Processor Markup Language Dave Winer's really into this. So am I. (after I figured out what it was...) I've always wanted to figure this out, but I could never get my head around Radio Userland enough to get it to do what I wanted with my outlines. Marc Canter has also been raving about Outlines. So today, I finally got around to R'ingTFM and found activeRenderer by Marc Barrot which renders your OPML files into cool collapsable outlines in Radio Userland. Actually, OmniOutline (Which Chris Adams turned me on to in my entry about my switch to Mac) allows me to save in OPML so I can render these as well. (Although I can't figure out how to add links in OmniOutline so they show up as links when rendered.)

So, I've got Radio Userland running now and here is my first outline, which will hopefully evolve to my "view" of the web.

I've very excited by everything except the fact that Radio 8.0.8 "quits unexpectedly" at random times on OS X 10.2.2. [The new 8.0.9b1 fixes this problem. Thanks Dave and Jake!]


I created an OPML output filter for Blogrolling to hook into Radio quite a while ago. The only downside is that Radio doesn't update the OPML on load but on publish so all the dynamic toys won't work. But you can get your blogroll in OPML flavor if you like. Jake wrote up a tutorial a while ago as well fo rtying the 2 systems together.

Hmmm... Interesting. Let me try to figure this out. Also, any thoughts on integrating with news/feed readers like the aggregator in Radio or NetNewWire?

There is an "Add to Radio" link for each blogroll on the right hand tools already and if you go into "get code" you can get an RSS link from there that should integrate into any RSS aggregator. I haven't touched it in a long time so it may need some tweaking to work with some of the new aggregators but people are using it.

Now is your chance to really make history: the first savvy blogger to switch from Movable Type to Radio!

Dave J, this may be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping to try to figure out a way to use the tools togther. I am currently thinking of using MT for my "public blog", Radio for outlining and structuring my information, LiveJournal for my personal communications with friends and blogger for something thematic. This probably won't work, but at least I will be able to compare the tools better if I'm using them. I'm also messing with a few of ther other tools, but I'm running out of things to write about.

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