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After returning from a week in the US and realizing how important the trip was and how useful Supernova was, I started thinking about next year. I have enough conferences and meetings to fill the whole year with schmoozing. How do I cut this down to a few high quality meetings? If I am in conferences all year, I surely won't get any REAL work done. A healthy balance of networking and real work is essential.

When I was at Supernova, Dave and I talked about the World Economic Forum. He wrote a nice essay on an idea to create a bloggers conference. I think this is a great idea. The trick now is to get enough interesting people to agree to come, but to keep small enough to make it fun.

The best conferences I attended this year were the Fortune Brainstorm in Aspen, the Global Leaders for Tomorrow Annual Meeting in Geneva and Pop!Tech. They were all in the 100-200 people range. I think that 100-200 is the right size. The Trilateral Commission meeting was about 300 or so people and it was interesting too, but the group was less diverse... (Although I would go if they ever invited me again.) The World Economic Forum meeting in New York was a bit too big to be cozy, but Japan related sessions are essential for me... Supernova was great from a "meet everyone interested in this space" perspective, but I think it could use more diversity. The fact that everyone was blogging was cool. It pushed the envelop from the conference blogging perspective and it's great to see friends.

This year, I have committed to going to The WEF meeting in Davos to deliver our Blueprint for Japan 2020 and Mark Anderson's SNS conference.

So, do we start something new, or op-opt someone's conference? Who's going to get it going? It takes a lot of energy and networking juice to get one of these things to happen...


Hey Joi! Nice to meet you in California.

I think we're going to end up with a half-dozen blogging conferences spread over the world. I want to go them all.

They should last one week each, with people coming and going. That way other globetrotters can sample from several cultures.

Blogs, like the WEF, are about globalization, but on an intellectual level. Lance and I tried in 2000 to introduce the idea of weblogs at Davos, but it was too early.

So either we build a new WEF, or we infect the existing one.

Or both! ;->

Anyway, great to meet you, let's make some trouble.

BTW, here's my piece from Davos 2000, I think you'll like it.


The first weblogging rich conference event I attended was probably South by SouthWest in Austin in March. Year after year, active webloggers met there and hung out talking sites over beers and music in Austin. A casual town, a good place to get down to friendly conversation with your fellow webloggers and writers. Most of the well-noted first-generation webloggers have all passed through the Austin convention center for this event, and many non-well known people as well. I met four girls who had driven from Iowa to Austin to meet their fellow online webposters. The drying-up of the tech economy did siphon off some of the money that paid for these people to gather, so the spirit has changed somewhat. But SXSW has always had a somewhat fringe feel to it - this was appropriate when webloggers had about as much respect as personal web diarists. It was a popular place to introduce yourself in person to the community of active web posters.

Hi, Joi and All,

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