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For you serious bloggers...
Blogger announced their new API 2.0 to the developers mailing list. Dave Winer urges Blogger to support the MetaWeblog API. Ben Trott comments as well. Evan explains that it is a preliminary release and they are requesting feedback. On the other hand, Evan explains that the feedback is generally positive. Ben Trott says he have received feedback from Steve Jenson. Ben talks about security a bit. For those of you who don't know, Ben wrote some of the PGP stuff for PERL I think...

So, here is an amazing dance. One of the greatest things about blogs is that they are not being developed by huge evil companies, but by individuals who are members of a community. The blogs tools are amazingly compatible from a data format and API perspective. Hats off to Dave for getting a lot of this started. I think that the phenomenon of creating really useful tools that we all actually use without thinking about where we put the banner ads or creating "barriers to entry" has really pushed this medium forward and I thank the bursting of the bubble for some of this. As everyone begins to add feature sets, grow more quickly and become more commercial, the ability for everyone to maintain compatibility and still compete will be a difficult but important effort.

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Nice conversation tracking Joi - good to see this sort of civilized debate and discourse taking place in public. With trackbacks! Hopefully these standards can work interoperably, sharing data while permitting some specific innovations.

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