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Joho the Blog: Quality of Service

First, QoS is impractical.
Second, QoS is the wrong solution.
Third. QoS violates the principle of the Internet's architecture.

David Weinberger ruminates effectively on why "Quality of Service" is essentially FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) that the phone companies use to confuse customers. It's important to understand that the phone companies want to confuse you and make you buy stuff you don't need. So ignore this QoS stuff whenever you hear it- or at least investigate it carefully.

Totally agree. I have many friends that use VoIP over regular Internet for everything and we use it quite a bit. I've never heard of any real problems. It just isn't as big of a problem as circuit-heads try to tell you. Also, IF people really care so much about QoS, why do we use crappy cell phones even in our office? QoS is GENERALLY not worth losing end-to-end control over.
I guess with video, there will be new issues, but I think that many of the end-to-end oriented solutions should be able handle the QoS issues without trying to create a smart or circuit oriented network.