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There's an interview with Cameron Marlow, creator of Blogdex and researcher at MIT Media Lab over at Good stuff. Also, that's where pb was interviewed last month.
Blogdex is one of my favorite tools which is now an essential part of my morning RSS fix. This meta-blog space is quite interesting. I have a feeling that blog space is screwing up Googles Page Rankings a bit because there are so many links inside and between blogs. On the other hand, if you think blogs are important, I guess the rankings aren't screwed up. I guess as blogs start creating more metadata, the method for ranking can be tuned more. It will be interesting to see what Google thinks of this space. At Supernova, Sergey Brin said he would consider taking input from to trigger updates. This would be a big first step...

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Dave Winer was the one who asked the question at Supernova (who else...) and he writes that he had asked privately in the past. He has a page that describes the idea.

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