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My brother-in-law Scott Fisher is really into location based stuff and does a lot of stuff with augmented reality and virtual environments. He's at USC now, but is visiting for Christmas with my sister Mimi. Anyway, we were talking about blogs and location and he sent me the link for Blogmapper which lets you associate blog entries with locations on a map. Scott interested in doing something in the area and so am I. Does anyone know of any other work going on in the area of tagging blog entries with location data? Obviously, location based moblogging is something we MUST do.



Have you seen BlogChalking? "BlogChalked" sites contain metadata that describes a physical location on the planet for that particualr blog.

That's pretty cool Mike. Thanks! I just put the metatag in my template.

Yeah, I did the same. I've even gone on so far as to do a little experimental Perl hacking with the google api searching for blogChalked sites. More about this here. I'll share my code with anyone who's interested.

My Au phone can paste in it's GPS location into an email as a URL so I'm annotating some of my moblog posts with their geographical location.

Pretty soon I plan to hack the script that I use to post the photographs taken with the phone to recognize that URL and replace it with a nice globe icon or something. Also it looks like the URL has the latitude and longitude information embedded in it so by extracting that I could link to many other map servers.

The killer app here, IMHO, is "Metaphysical Graffiti"...

take a picture with your cellphone, moblog it WITH GPS data as metadata (stored along side the entry in the DB)...

So say, someone a few years from now stumbles by this location, decides to search for any "cyber artifacts" at this location, or in it's vicinity, and bingo is shown the picture/audio/video you "attached" to this coordinate.

This gets interesting with the Tourism industry, where you can "annotate" real-world historical locations - in cyberspace, accessible via your web-enabled cellphone (and in the future, EyeTap cyborg/wearable computer gear...)

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