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The Guardian ran a piece on moblogs and I got a link. Cool.

Thanks for sending me this link Howard

We recently moblogged a wedding for Kana & Toshi. It's in Japanese, but you can get the idea. It was fun because a lot of people posted.

Planning to have a massive New Years Eve moblog. I will post the email address and instructions one we have the site ready...


Congratulations, Joi.

I've been vexed by power outages (3 in the past 1 week), as consecutive storms are hitting the Bay Are one after the other. Today was a rare respite from the wind and rain...

When one cannot even log on the net from home, moblogging feels like another world.

From Los Altos, California.

OTOH, when we lost power last week, I realized that I could read and answer email via my Handspring Treo with Spring GPRS service.

Oops. I mean Sprint

Adam Greenfield, according to Howard, coined the phrase moblogging...


Adam Greenfield, who coined the term moblogging to describe the combination of mobile telephones and weblogs, urges mobile service providers to encourage the practice.

(Thanks, Adam!)

Thanks for the shoutout, Joi! Hope your holidays are warm & relaxing.

All the best,

Anyone see Howard on ABC News Monday morning? If you're reading this, Howard, I just wanted to compliment you on that awesome orange turtleneck. It looked pretty cool on TV. No joke.

Your spot came across well too, of course. The anchor asked pretty good questions, but didn't have enough time to really discuss the topic with you in depth. The spot awakened a few friends and colleagues of mine to your new book.

Mike, I didn't know that the spot had been broadcast Monday. I shot it a few hours after I got off the plane from Tokyo last Thursday. It was one of those weird satellite deals where I sat in a room by myself and talked into a camera, with the producer on the other end talking into my ear.

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