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Doc Searls writes about an article in the Santa Barbara News-Press about UCSB history professor Tsuyoshi Hasegawa and his theory. The newspaper says:
Santa Barbara News-Press
The historical record holds that Japan surrendered in response to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. Revisionists argue that the Japanese were already defeated at the time, and the atomic bombs were used simply to intimidate the Soviet Union.

Mr. Hasegawa dismisses both views as "very, very American-centric."
It was Josef Stalin's final-hour declaration of war on Japan that marked the end of the conflict in the Pacific, according to Mr. Hasegawa, whose specialties include Russian and Soviet history as well as Russo-Japanese relations.

Obviously, this is very relevant to the current "War-on-Terror" and is an important part of Japanese history. Japan is still struggling with Russia over the islands that the Russians claimed as theirs after the war...

Doc's entry has a bigger quote and some interesting thoughts. Go there for more info...

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Dont you hate it when you get in a fight with someone and they claim crap that isn't theirs? Japan has always been a good ally, and were HONORABLE in their fight against us.

When they bombed pearl harbor, you didn't see them saying 'oh, those guys (the bombers) were crazy. We didn't do it!' No, they fought like honorable men. I respect that.

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